Penny War 2021

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Penny War 2021

This year, we will be raising money for five countries and the ministry happening in South Dakota.

Penny Wars is a 4 week marathon where the students, teachers, parents, and family bring their pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and bills and compete to raise money for a specific group/individual that will come to our Missions Conference the first week of March. The goal is to have the highest amount of pennies. There is a winner every week, and that plays into overall grand winner (calculated at the end of the month). Pennies (value 1 cent) are the only positive currency (that count as points for the class). “Bombs” are negative currency which impact the class total with negative points (the silver coins, dollar bills, checks. For example: nickels -5 cents, dimes -10 cents, 10 dollar bill = -1,000 cents).

Parents, students, and any willing donor, can come to the front office and “trade in” the value of silver coins, bills, and checks and egiving for “paper pennies” – paper slips that will count as the positive amount of the cash value.

There is a bit of war strategy that goes on among both students and teachers; it is fun and raises a good chunk of change for our friends abroad.

Also, below is a link to give via egiving (please put under “For Penny War Donation” and leave the class you want it to go towards in the comment section):