Welcome!  We are glad you have chosen to apply for admission to Heartland Christian Academy.  HCA provides students with an opportunity to change. Steps toward change may occur academically, vocationally, mentally or through social interaction. However, it is our ultimate desire that students mature in the ability to make moral decisions in life consistent with Biblical principles.

To apply for admission please complete the following steps.

1. Complete HCA Application 2022-23 (click to download)

Note: This is not an application for admittance to Heartland Children and Youth Homes; please, call 660-284-6212 for the residential program intake facilitator.

2. Schedule an appointment for Interview with the Principal.  Please bring completed Application to interview.

3. Schedule Student Placement Testing (Pearson WRMT-III)

4. Acceptance is based on Interview and Testing Information

5. Schedule payment plan

To Learn more about General Admission CONTACT US