How long has Heartland Christian Academy been in existence?

HCA started in August of 1996 in one of the first group homes built at Heartland. Later that year, November 1996, we moved into what is now the school building. Two wings of classes were added since, one in 2000, the other in 2002.

What is your philosophy of education?

It is the desire of HCA to develop your child’s God-given mind, body, and spirit in ways according to God’s Word. We believe the training and educating of children are a special ministry unto the Lord and any educational process which is not based on God’s Word is lacking in fullness. It is our desire that children spend their developing years in an atmosphere of Christian love, Christian learning, and Christian values. HCA will provide a quality educational program to encourage all students to attain their highest level of academic excellence. HCA also believes that a high quality education in a Christ-centered atmosphere can only be achieved with the continual and diligent involvement of the student’s parents. HCA believes the school is an extension of church and home and it exists to foster a partnership with parents in educating children.

How long is your school year?

Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year, HCA changed its schedule to an adapted version of the “year-round school” format. This allows us to incorporate more vocational opportunities for high school students, and hands-on learning for K5 through middle school. In 2019, HCA moved to  a more traditional school year, starting in August and ending in May but continuing to have systematic non-academic breaks throughout the year.

How many students are enrolled at HCA?

Currently, we have approximately 100 students enrolled in grades K5-12 at Heartland Christian Academy.

What is the tuition at HCA?

Tuition for one child is $1,620 per school year (additional children $1,380 each). There are fees throughout the year for special/optional events.

How do you place students?

All students are tested for placement purposes before entering any classroom. Also, a copy of transcripts will be required before admission.

Does your school follow state guidelines for graduation?

 Students graduating from HCA receive a regular diploma upon completion of 24 required credits, a college preparatory diploma for 26-28 required credits and a 3.0 grade average. HCA is a private institution, and is not accredited by the state. However, we require students to successfully complete the same credits as state-accredited schools in order to graduate.

What types of curriculum and teaching does the Academy use?

A variety of curriculum are used including ABEKA, Bob Jones University Press, Positive Action, and Alpha Omega. Tutoring is available for those students who are behind in their age-appropriate classes.

What types of extracurricular activities do you offer?

  HCA offers a limited sports program for girls and boys in grades 6 -12. Girls may participate in volleyball and basketball and track while boys may participate in basketball and track.

Do you require a special dress code?

School uniforms are worn by all students in grades K5 through 12.

How can I get more information?

For questions, call the school office at 573-633-5602. Click here for admissions.